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Will student protests regain momentum?

Commentators wonder if after their surprising success late last year, students protesting new austerity measures will be strong enough to keep the government at bay during the spring.

Constitutional amendments criticised

In a bitter comment just hours before the controversial constitutional amendments were to be passed by Parliament, a moderate right-wing commentator suggested that Hungary cannot afford to confront European institutions over such issues of secondary importance.

Dispute over the Sirály cultural club

A left-wing daily accuses the Mayor of Budapest of closing down a cultural club in order to silence anti-government protesters. A pro-government commentator believes that the Jewish cultural organization running the Sirály cultural club without paying rent used its resources to orchestrate anti-government protest.

The lull in the tuition battle is nearing its end

In an unusually bitter column, a pro-government columnist urges the government to reconsider its higher education reforms in order to give the children of poor families access to free tuition.