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Lessons to be learned from the grounding of MALÉV

Commentators voice their views on the bankruptcy of the Hungarian national airline – and according to their political bias, blame either the previous administration or the current government. They also wonder what the long-term implications of MALÉV's insolvency will be.

The end of MALÉV and the government’s investment strategy

A left-wing analyst blames the government for splashing out on huge state-owned enterprises while the country faces grave financial problems.

Russians ‘offer to revive’ Hungary’s flag carrier

The foundation of a new Hungarian national air carrier, rumoured to be the subject of talks between a Russian company and the Hungarian state, would not take the place of Malév, Magyar Idők suggests. Vs.hu concludes that the deal would benefit the Russian side, primarily.

Sólyom Airlines stranded before take-off

A business daily calls dreamers all those who believed for a moment that the amateurish adventure called Sólyom Airways was viable.

Right-wing support for the new Hungarian airline

Magyar Nemzet castigates left-liberal critics who voice doubts about the seriousness of the “Sólyom” project.

Christmas day ruminations

A left-wing commentator looking back on the past two and a half years claims that the Orbán government has created a severe economic and moral crisis in the country. His pro-government counterpart, on the other hand, accuses the left of pushing the country towards an economic, institutional and moral quagmire.

The Czech Republic allowed to subsidise its air company – unlike Hungary

Left- and right-wing commentators draw diametrically opposed conclusions from the news that public subsidy for CSA Czech public airlines has been approved by the European Commission.