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MOL CEO sentenced in Zagreb

An independent conservative fact-finding journalist accuses the Croatian justice system of condemning the CEO of the Hungarian Oil and Gas multinational on trumped up charges.

PM shields MOL CEO

Népszabadság thinks the Croatian move to put the Chief Executive Officer of Hungary’s oil and gas multinational on the international wanted list was too rude for the Hungarian government to tolerate in silence. The Prime Minister has been practically forced to stand behind Mr Hernádi.

MOL CEO likely to be cleared of Croatian charges

Magyar Nemzet believes the corruption charges against the CEO of Hungary’s oil giant were part of the Croatian election campaign and will be dropped soon after the elections.

OTP Ceo’s row with Fidesz politicians over football debacle

Several left-wing and liberal commentators suspect that the harsh words addressed to Sándor Csányi, as president of the Hungarian Football Association by important Fidesz politicians may be due to to his main job as CEO of  Hungary’s number one Bank.

Croatian prosecutor to interrogate MOL chief as a suspect

Népszabadság thinks Hungary will not be able to prevent the Croatian authorities from interrogating and eventually indicting MOL Ceo Zsolt Hernádi.

Corruption and marital violence as campaign issues

Commentators try to make sense of a welter of accusations which appear to be central to the political campaigns ahead of the 8 April general election. Most tend to believe that the charges, albeit often politically motivated, are basically not untrue.

Bank mogul falls out of favour with government

News analysts come forward with elaborate theories to explain what appears to be the sudden downfall of Hungarian bank mogul Zoltán Spéder from the echelons of power, but they admit that they lack facts to corroborate their explanations.

Polish tapping leaks about Hungary

A conservative blogger thinks the real revelation in the Polish leaks is not a widely publicised obscene remark about Mr Orbán and Mr Putin, but what the CEO of the Polish Oil Corporation had to say about how his Hungarian counterpart is trying to circumvent his corruption trial underway in ...

Weeklies on the Russian-Hungarian nuclear pact

The headlines in Hungarian weeklies illustrate a growing controversy over the planned addition of two Russian-made blocks to the existing Paks nuclear power station: “The scandal of the year” (168 óra); “Eastern Block” (Heti Világgazdaság); “The business of the year?” (Figyelő); “Hungary hooked by Putin” (Magyar Narancs); “Change of Roles ...

The landscape ten months before the elections

A centrist political scientist believes that whoever wins next year’s elections, the outcome will be catastrophic, and a catastrophe is perhaps what Hungary needs to find the right path. A moderate conservative columnist suggests it will be extremely difficult to forge a united left-wing opposition before the elections.