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Dissecting Hungary’s approach to the war in Ukraine

The Hungarian weeklies, and the weekend editions of the daily papers ponder Hungary’s relationship to the Russian-Ukrainian war, and where EU sanctions on Russia might lead.

George Soros is still a trump card in politics

A left-wing commentator accuses the government of trying to woo anti-Semitic voters with its anti-Soros campaign. A pro-government pundit dismisses the accusation as absurd.

22-year-old appointed Assistant State Secretary

Opposition outlets find it abnormal to name a very young woman Assistant State Secretary for Youth, while a pro-government commentator accuses them of duplicity in condemning the nomination.

Rock star responds to critics

A fortnight after his performance at the Fidesz summer event in Transylvania, rock singer and songwriter András Lovasi has rejected allegations that his presence there was an expression of allegiance to the government.

Brain drain and emigration within Europe continues

Two independent economic analysts commenting on an EU report on the brain drain recommend that the Hungarian government consider targeted tax cuts for young Hungarians to slow down emigration. A pro-government columnist likens pro-migration EU politicians to colonizers.

Rock star’s performance at Tusnádfürdő criticised

A pro-government pundit protests against the presence at the traditional summer Fidesz gathering in Transylvania of liberal minded rock star András Lovasi. A Marxist philosopher, on the other hand, condemns Lovasi for accepting the invitation to perform there.

Government edging towards agreement with the Academy of Sciences

Opinions sharply diverge on a preliminary agreement that is meant to end a standoff between the Academy of Sciences (MTA) and the government.

Negotiations on academic reform stalled

As the Academy of Sciences (MTA) turns down the government’s plan for the reform of scientific research while its counter-proposals have been rejected by the government, a pro-government author thinks the government should perform a ‘political regime change’ in scientific institutions, while a liberal author thinks a rational reform could ...

Hopes for a compromise on science reform

As the government endorses a compromise proposed by a group of conservative professors to bridge the controversy over the planned reform of research, opinions continue to clash over the planned changes.

Dispute over Hungarian Academy of Sciences funding

A liberal weekly accuses the government of trying to curtail the autonomy of research by funding the Academy’s research institutes through the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. A conservative pundit dismisses such accusations, and welcomes the government’s efforts to make research funding more productive and transparent.