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Kádár at 100

Commentators from the left and right reflect on what the late communist leader meant for Hungarians during the 32 years of his rule, and what he means to them today.

Controversies over party funding, and over Horthy and Kádár, the two main figures of 20th century Hungarian history

A centrist analyst fiercely opposes the Prime Minister’s idea of suspending public funding for political parties. A left wing commentator believes Fidesz has even broader control over public assets than the ruling party had under Communism. A sociologist shows that Hungary’s Communist ruler is more popular today than he even ...

Exchange over prospects for Fidesz

A left-wing political scientist thinks that sooner or later the EU will cut funds to Hungary, and Fidesz will fall apart in the absence of money to hand out to its allies. A pro-government pundit finds such speculation absurd and describes it as ideologically motivated wishful thinking.

Opposition announces schedule for primaries

The main 6 Opposition parties have announced the schedule for their autumn primaries. The two-round election will be held in September and October. They have also agreed to allow online voting.

Dispatches from the trenches in the culture war

A pro-government commentator finds it justified for the government to have reclaimed national sovereignty from what he calls the ‘post-Communist deep state’. Two liberal analysts, on the other hand, accuse the Orbán government of uprooting democratic rule and introducing far-right authoritarian governance.

Two opposing views on the culture war

An alt-left historian accuses the elites of betraying the working class by embracing liberal and nationalist versions of pro-market bourgeois ideologies. A pro-government pundit welcomes the government’s efforts to weaken the cultural and intellectual domination of left-wing liberal elites.

EU measures seen as reminiscent of the Soviet Union

Pro-government columnists agree with Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch, that the EU’s attempts to make financial disbursements conditional on resect for the ‘rule of law’ resemble Soviet attitudes. A left-wing commentator predicts that PM Orbán will have to retreat in order to get access to vital EU funding.

A liberal on book shredding

A liberal pundit warns that far-right policies should be confronted on their substance rather than on formalities.

Dispute over Hungarian Zeitgeist

A liberal pundit attributes the continuing popularity of Fidesz to the growing hopelessness of voters. His pro-government counterpart writes that regime change is still incomplete as culture is still dominated by left-wing liberal post-communists.

Miklós Németh blames his successors

Hungary’s last reformist Communist Prime Minister accuses the successive heads of government after 1990 of having neglected basic economic and constitutional reforms.