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Historian defends the House of Fates

A historian who helped devise the House of Fates project four years ago writes that the controversy around the exhibition, which will be devoted to the memory of Holocaust child victims, is an expression of emotions rather than facts.

House of Fates to open in 2019

A libertarian pundit finds it sad that the completion of the House of Fates, originally scheduled for inauguration four years ago, is taking so long. He thinks that more transparency concerning the planned exhibits could help to resolve the debates over the new museum.

House of Fates to express a ‘Love Story’

Historian Mária Schmidt, in charge of the ‘House of Fates’ project, defends the concept of the planned Holocaust memorial museum against leftist criticism and condemns the Cabinet Minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s office for employing one of the main opponents of the project as his adviser.

Liberals at a loss about state honours to Kertész

A left-liberal writer thinks the government has managed to baffle the opposing camp by decorating Nobel Prize winning author Imre Kertész. His conservative counterpart believes this was a win-win game for both sides and a contribution to bridging deep-set divisions.

Holocaust remembrance conflicts explained

A liberal analyst predicts that the Prime Minister will reject the demands put forward by Jewish leaders as pre-conditions for their presence at the government sponsored events of the Holocaust remembrance year. A right-wing pundit, on the other hand blames “uneducated” advisers who led the Prime Minister into a controversy ...

Common Holocaust remembrance in jeopardy

While Jewish community leaders have outlined their demands in a letter to the Prime Minister, a pro-government commentator expresses disappointment and dismay that the likelihood of a joint remembrance of the 70th anniversary of the Holocaust seems to be waning.

No end in sight for World War Two controversies

In the increasingly polarized debate over the commemoration of the Holocaust and the Nazi occupation of Hungary, a left-wing and a liberal pundit call for a boycott of government sponsored events. A moderate conservative commentator, on the other hand, fears that the lack of compromise on the memorial will only ...

No end to Culture Wars over Holocaust memorial year

A Jewish cultural weekly suggests that Jewish organizations should be prepared to make compromises but should also stay away from some of the events of the Holocaust memorial year. Reacting to earlier and sharper comments, one of the leading architects of the memorial year says the attacks are part and ...

The case for a 2nd Holocaust Museum

A centre-right commentator welcomes the idea to build a new Holocaust memorial site in Budapest, since he believes the first, opened a decade ago has not fulfilled its mission.