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Conflicting assessments of the PM’s ’baby boom plan’

Left-wing analysts suggest the Prime Minister’s 7 point ’family protection plan’ is aimed at taking back the political initiative, while a pro-government pundit thinks it opens a new paradigm – and not just in Hungary.

Jobbik loses a third of its voters

A pro-government pundit thinks the formerly radical right-wing party is losing support because of its drift towards liberal and centrist positions which make its profile unrecognizable.

Hungary seen as a potential driving force in Eastern Europe

A pro-government analyst suggests that Hungary should play a leading role in uniting Central and East European countries which have basic common interests despite their many differences.

Controversial government policies seen as a ‘conservative revolution’

A pro-government political scientist interprets the oft-criticised policies of the Hungarian government as efforts aimed at completing the transition from the Communist regime.

Therapies for a left-wing recovery

Two weeks after the general election, commentators on both sides of the main political divide  try to figure out whether the opposition parties will ever become a match for Fidesz or whether a new one can replace them.

Analyst predicts lasting Fidesz rule

A conservative political scientist suspects that the government has a realistic chance of becoming a centrist force in Hungary which could dominate politics for a long time unchallenged by the opposition.

Right-wing interpretations of the divisions within the EU

One pro-government analyst criticises the European Commission and leading European officials for trying to impose majority opinions on Hungary and its partners, while another believes a war is underway between the supporters of multiculturalism and those of the nation state.

National consultation on the ’Soros plan’

Pundits express sharply contrasting views on the government’s ‘national consultation’ on migration. One side sees it as a propaganda project based on lies, while the other considers the campaign an expression of self-defence against pressure from global elites.

Ruminations on the state of democracy

Two analysts ponder the dangers of elitism and anti-establishment populism. Despite their ideological differences, both agree that elitism threatens democracy.

Hungary rejects immigrant relocation quotas

In a commentary on the anti-quota resolution passed by Parliament, the pro-government daily urges the West to curb immigration from Muslim countries ‘before it is too late.’ The Hungarian Parliament has instructed the government to take the EU rule on mandatory migration quotas to the European Court. Although the Socialist ...