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Orbán compensates Alföldi with a new theatre

One left-liberal commentator finds Orbán's sudden embrace of Alföldi just another publicity stunt, while another pokes fun at Jobbik who suspect “a homosexual or Jewish” lobby in the background.

Echoes of the US Supreme Court same sex marriage ruling

The ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States defining same sex marriage as a constitutional right splits Hungarian public life across the left liberal versus conservative divide line. The leftist argument is that the law must not stand in the way of love, while conservatives fear that same-sex marriage ...

Foreign press under fire

A pro-government weekly carries a long list of baseless allegations about Hungary in the foreign press, while a liberal news outlet criticizes Die Welt for misinterpreting an interview with a Hungarian historian, and failing to provide space for a rebuttal.

Vígszínház: another battle in the culture war

A liberal commentator thinks Budapest Mayor István Tarlós should take the blame for a decision to change the leadership of a major Budapest theatre, instead of playing it safe with hand-picked expert reviewers.

Homophobic cultural commissioner wrapped on the knuckles

After a stormy reaction on the left to a rude homophobic remark made by special government commissioner Imre Kerényi, the leading right-wing daily runs a short editorial on its website repudiating both his words and his person in no uncertain terms, giving rise to speculation that “open season has been ...

Arts Academy, National Theatre and universities as battle grounds in the culture wars

A leading pro government columnist likens the current student demonstrations in Hungary to what happened in France in 1968 and warns the students that the organisers of this year’s “peace marches” (mass rallies in support of the Fidesz government) won’t hesitate to call for a third one if the need ...

Culture war around the National Theatre

A centre-right columnist welcomes the endorsement of the left-leaning director of the National Theater by a prominent right-leaning rock musician as a rare example of how to ease tensions between opposing camps.