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Vígszínház: another battle in the culture war

A liberal commentator thinks Budapest Mayor István Tarlós should take the blame for a decision to change the leadership of a major Budapest theatre, instead of playing it safe with hand-picked expert reviewers.

Row over far right theatre appointment amplified

The controversy over the appointment of a far right-winger as director of a Budapest theatre shows no signs of abating. Commentators now ponder the possible consequences of a conflict generated by German conductor Christoph von Dohnányi, who cancelled a Budapest concert to express his indignation over the appointment.

Tempest over a Budapest theatre

Left wing columnists are united in condemning a decision by the mayor of Budapest to appoint actor György Dörner as head of Új Színház (New Theater). They focus on what they regard as the low professional level of Mr Dörner's application, and his political support of the extreme right. A ...

Radical right-wingers get their theatre

A popular liberal blogger reacts ironically to the appointment of a radical right wing actor as director of a small Budapest theatre, describing it as a selfless decision in favour of the mentally deranged. A leading moderate conservative commentator cautions against possible negative consequences.