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US entry ban still in focus

Commentators believe the government is taking the scandalous developments seriously but are not yet sure about the consequences. In his last published comment before his death, a right-wing columnist scorns the left for seeking foreign help in the light of its successive electoral defeats.

PM Orbán on Christian Democracy

As PM Orbán praises the ideals of Christian Democracy, the leading left-wing daily accuses him of betraying its core principles. A pro-government columnist, on the other hand, believes that the Fidesz-KDNP coalition has a coherent ideological vision.

Ads tax approved by Parliament

A left-wing columnist accuses the government of introducing censorship through a selective media advertisement tax. A pro-government commentator, on the other hand, welcomes the taxation of commercial media outlets with little added social value.

E P election stakes

One liberal commentator claims that voting in this weekend's European Parliament elections would be absolutely pointless. Other liberal and left-wing pundits, however, believe that European Socialists and Liberals could help to contain PM Orbán’s power. Conservative columnists, on the other hand, contend that neither further transnational integration, nor radical EU-scepticism ...

President Áder announces election date

The date of the election itself has become a campaign topic, with left-wing commentators suspecting that the President's decision was prompted by political convenience rather than neutral rationality. 

Speaker Kövér’s ‘rule by decree’ case

Commenting on the Speaker of Parliament's recent radio interview, left-wing columnists accuse Mr. Kövér of proposing the revival of a rule by decree system. Conservative pundits as well as a group of left- liberal constitutional lawyers say that Mr. Kövér had no undemocratic intentions, and agree that the current legislative ...

PM Orbán in Transylvania

Both left and right-wing commentators missed Romanian politicians at this year’s Fidesz summer university at Tusnádfürdő. A left-wing columnist, however, accuses PM Orbán of trans-border vote hunting while his pro-government counterparts believe that the electoral impact of the Hungarian diaspora will be miniscule.

Contrasting views on PM Orbán's Turul statue speech

Népszabadság criticizes Prime Minister Orbán for unveiling and praising a Turul-sculpture, which the daily considers a nationalistic symbol. According to a pro-government commentator, that criticism shows that the left cannot tolerate feelings of national belonging.

A judge’s approach to the vandalisation of Horthy’s statue

Right-wing commentators are appalled by the statement of a judge who convicted but at the same time praised a protester for damaging a statue recently erected to Hungary’s interwar ruler. Left-wing analysts welcome the judge’s position and disagree with the Vice President of the Supreme Court, who scolded his colleague ...

Showdown in the Socialist Party?

Left wing commentators agree that Socialist leader Attila Mesterházy has embarked on a rough road, by asking party veterans to step aside. A right wing columnist calls the initiative a belated appeal.