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Veteran Hungarian-Austrian journalist excoriates PM Orbán

Paul Lendvai acknowledges the Prime Minister’s political talent but condemns his policies and accuses him of immorality and cynicism.

2015 – Viktor Orbán’s year

In their assessment of last year’s developments, commentators focus on Prime Minister Orbán’s performance - for better or for worse. They recall that the Prime Minister was identified by more than one international outlet as the 'man of the year’.

Reflections on Europe’s identity and future

Left-wing commentators believe that further integration is the only way to save the vision of a free and unified Europe. Conservative pundits, on the other hand, caution against using Europe to tame those who do not agree with what they regard as liberal dogma.

Holocaust-comparisons in migration debates

A left-wing pundit protests against the use of the Holocaust as an argument in controversies over the current migration wave. He warns that such practices are tantamount to trivialising the Holocaust.

The government’s image at home and abroad

The man in charge of the government’s international image suggests that Hungary’s international critics have become more cautious. The editor in chief of a leftist daily is sceptical about the figures of a poll according to which most Hungarians still have faith in the government.

Was ORF’s video report on Hungary biased?

A right-of-centre blogger argues that the one hour report broadcast on Austrian Public Television ORF2 in late September was clearly biased, and wonders why the Hungarian political élite did not protest.

The State Department’s views on Hungary

A right wing columnist chastises the US State Department for pronouncing unfounded opinions about Hungary.

Political horror journalism

Heti Válasz carries an angry reaction by András Stumpf to comments by the veteran Hungarian-Austrian columnist Paul Lendvai in the Vienna Standard, on the dismissal of the director of the Budapest Holocaust Memorial Centre.