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Tőkés’s aide suggests moderate approach towards Szekler autonomy

September 27th, 2013

A Transylvanian columnist questions the wisdom of pushing too hard for Szekler autonomy as this could harm other minority Hungarians in Romania.
In Heti Válasz Szilárd Demeter warns that the legitimate quest for a Szekler autonomy within Romania may create tensions among transborder Hungarians. Demeter is a leading staff member with László Tőkés MEP, the famous Calvinist bishop who played a leading role in the revolution that ousted Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu in 1989 and who has challenged the leaders of the Hungarian minority in Romania from a radical platform. Demeter also deplores the fact that mainstream leaders tend to neglect higher aims, such as autonomy, for the sake of minor concessions. Nevertheless, he cautions against believing that autonomy is the number one priority to solve the problems of Hungarians in Romania. While Szeklers, who live in one geographic block, are understandably eager to reach an autonomous status, that demand could result in Romanians punishing minority Hungarians who live in ethnically mixed areas, he argues, reminding readers of the recent clashes of football fans at a Hungarian-Romanian match (see BudaPost, September 9 ). An autonomous Szeklerland is an important ideal for all beyond-border Hungarians, he concludes, but the ’social conditions are not there yet’.

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