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Magyar Nemzet on “unfair criticism by the US”

May 18th, 2013

The leading pro-government daily appreciates the role of the United States as Hungary’s most important ally, but rejects critical remarks coming from Washington about recent developments in Hungary.

In his Magyar Nemzet editorial, Gábor László Zord believes the Unites States has no moral grounds to lecture Hungary on democracy and the rule of law. His article was prompted by the latest AP tapping scandal as well as the politically selective IRS inquiries into the accountsof conservative foundations. He also mentions the still unsettled matter of the Guantanamo prisoners and the “hundreds of thousands of human lives extinguished in senseless wars recently”. He acknowledges that the United States is “our most important ally” which plays an outstanding role in Hungary as an investor. He also pays tribute to America’s decisive role in “liberating us from Soviet occupation and opening a new age of development of our statehood”. However, he urges the reader to “collect examples in order to be always ready to react, whenever we are unjustly accused”.

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