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Magyar Hírlap’s ‘scoop’ parodied in Népszava

April 5th, 2013

In a blatant parody of a Magyar Hírlap story alleging that Socialist leader Mesterházy is facing a serious challenge from an older generation of party officials, Népszava writes that dissatisfied Fidesz members might send an ultimatum to PM Viktor Orbán, demanding a correction of his political course.

On Wednesday, April 3, Magyar Hírlap’s Tamás Pindroch reported that the marginalised “old guard” of Socialist Party leaders are to address an ultimatum to party chairman Attila Mesterházy, demanding a shift in his policies and an open debate about choosing Szeged Mayor László Botka as candidate for premier at next year’s elections. They are reported to be dissatisfied with the party’s poor showing in the polls, as well as by its “feeble reaction” to the government’s utility tariff cut campaign.  Another reason might be Mesterházy’s tough line against former PM Gordon Bajnai who is an alternative candidate for the post of Prime Minister if the left-wing opposition manage to jointly nominate one. Botka, on the contrary, once hosted Bajnai in Szeged, whereupon Mesterházy told local MSZP officials to refrain from inviting Bajnai in the future. Pindroch quotes pro-Mesterházy sources who believe the alleged offensive against Mesterházy may be encouraged from outside (meaning Bajnai’s circle). As a precedent, the source quotes the split within LMP, in the wake of which one wing allied itself with Bajnai’s Together 2014 movement. (See BudaPost, January 28).

In an obvious response to that story, Népszava editor Péter Németh writes that disappointed Fidesz luminaries are planning to address an ultimatum to Prime Minister Orbán and even warn him that they might favour floor leader Antal Rogán as candidate for the post of Premier next year. Widespread international criticism, as well as mishandled and costly campaigns have caused deep dissatisfaction among Fidesz members, especially those who have been denied access to leading posts or “economic opportunities.” At the end of his comment, Péter Németh remarks that his newspaper will keep an eye on conflicts within the MSZP, adding in brackets: “just as Magyar Hírlap is following the infighting within the Socialist Party”.

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