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Romanian PM – a guest of the Socialists

March 1st, 2013

A pro-government journalist lists examples of discrimination and arrogance in the record of the left-wing Romanian government and asks how it is possible that such politicians are not rejected by the EU and are even embraced by Hungarian Socialists.

An editorial in Magyar Nemzet entitled “European Comrades,” highlights a handful of recent misdeeds by the Romanian government. For example, a statement by Romanian Defence Minister Mircea Dusan that a Szekler (Hungarian) town mayor’s contention ­– that city officials supported by Szekler taxpayers should speak Hungarian – ‘recalls the era of Hitler.’ Author Csaba Lukács also reminds readers that Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean lied to Romanian journalists, when he claimed that the Dutch representative no longer opposed Romania joining the Schengen area.  When the most important Romanian daily called on him to resign, ‘he labelled that media organ a traitor to the nation’ for ‘painting a negative picture of Romania abroad.’ This government, he continues, is led by Victor Ponta, the prime minister whose dissertation was declared an act of plagiarism by a university committee. The Premier’s reaction was to dismiss the committee, amidst student protests. And it is these fine gentlemen – writes the author – that the Hungarian Socialists call their friends and invite to Budapest: birds of a feather flock together, he concludes.

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