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Right-wing and left-wing dignitaries to demonstrate together against Jobbik’s anti-Semitism

December 1st, 2012

An independent conservative commentator says pro-government and opposition politicians must remove Jobbik’s dirt from Hungary’s honour.

For the first time since the re-establishment of democracy, leading politicians from the main opposing political parties will appear on the same platform in a political demonstration on Sunday. Fidesz floor leader Antal Rogán will join Socialist party chairman Attila Mesterházy and former Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai to address a rally organised in protest against the anti-Semitic speech made by a Jobbik MP on Monday (See BudaPost, November 28 and 29). Left-liberal personalities have often criticised conservative leaders for not joining them in condemning racism. The stock response has been that although Fidesz leaders do often condemn racism, the extremist danger was not significant enough for conservatives to act in tandem with their main opponents, who are also the heirs of the Communist party. The latest scandal has apparently produced a shift in Fidesz attitudes.

On Mandiner, Gellért Rajcsányi calls Jobbik’s attempt to discredit Fidesz for co-operating with left-wing leaders pathetic. The extreme right-wing party, he argues, has brought shame on Hungary, and the country is increasingly seen abroad as one in which a parliamentary party intends to apply racist practices, including compiling lists of Jewish citizens. “I love my country and therefore I am keen on preserving what good taste still remains here,” Rajcsányi writes. He rejects Jobbik’s claim that they do not want to prepare lists of Jewish MPs and cabinet ministers, saying “no matter how you twist and turn this,” there is a basic difference between Jobbik and all other parties: “Neither Fidesz, the MSZP nor Together 2014 intend to list citizens according to their ethnic background.” In an oblique reference to a statement by PM Viktor Orbán, while still in opposition in 2008, that he would disband Jobbik’s paramilitary “Hungarian Guard” with two slaps on the face, Rajcsányi warns Jobbik to “keep your mouth shut about that dirty provocation, while we’re still waiting for those two slaps.”

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