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A Gyurcsány-associate on Orbán’s social revolution

August 23rd, 2012

Sociologist Tibor Dessewffy, a former advisor to Ferenc Gyurcsány, believes that PM Viktor Orbán”s aim is the complete restructuring of Hungarian society. According to the left-wing pundit, the prime minister is attempting nothing less than a reshuffle of social classes, in order to entrench his power.

After losing two consecutive elections (2002 and 2006), , Tibor Dessewffy writes in Népszabadság. According to this interpretation, Orbán is moulding a “deep state”  through a mixture of social policy, media strategy and support for companies associated with Fidesz. His vision, Desewffy believes, is to set up a coalition between the churches, and the nationalist middle classes and elites, which will remain loyal to it even in the unlikely case that Fidesz loses the 2014 election. Such a network of social groups, dependent on Orban”s patronage, Dessewffy speculates, could paralyze future left-wing governments and help Orbán retain his power on the right, even in opposition.

This does not mean, however, that Orbán is immune to the danger of a sudden outbreak of public discontent sweeping him away, Dessewffy continues. Hungarians unhappy with the government appear somewhat apathetic for the time being, and to have lost interest in politics. But if Orbán maintains his arrogant line, the frustrated and discontented masses might easily wake up from their stupor, and stand up to him, Dessewffy suggests.

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