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Instability in Libya after Gaddafi’s death

October 22nd, 2011

Magyar Nemzet suggests that Libya will not be a safer place in the post-Gaddafi era. The right wing commentator also believes the dictator had to be killed because he knew too much.

Under Gaddafi, there was more stability in Libya than there will be in the forthcoming months, and possibly even years,” – Levente Sitkei comments in Magyar Nemzet.

He describes Muammar Gaddafi as a ruthless dictator who kept changing his allegiances and who has been a sometime friend, and sometime foe of most world leaders.

“He knew too much, and that’s why he had to die,” – Sitkei contends, adding that those Libyans and foreigners who have discredited themselves by embracing Gaddafi could fill a whole stadium. The ruling National Transitional Council are also former friends. Many NATO leaders have sipped tea in his company. Libyan oil is extracted by his business associates. None of these people would like him to talk in front of an international tribunal.

More importantly, hatred of the defunct dictator does not solve the country’s problems, Sitkei adds. If the new regime proves unable to reconcile the rival tribes, if it focuses merely on consolidating its grip on power, rather than re-launching the economy, then it will have to deal with Gaddafi-nostalgia. In such a scenario, the new rulers who owe their position to the anti-dictatorial mass movements of the Arab Spring, will have to put down pro-Gaddafi demonstrations, Magyar Nemzet’s commentator concludes.

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